Tonight, They Plot

Stem Tracks:

Synth: Synth1 by Ichiro Toda
Chimes: dmiHammer by Smart Electronix
Binaural Synths: ReaSynth

This was the second track completed for the album and helped set the tone alone with ‘Streams’. I wrote this piece for the listener to fall asleep to and really wanted to make the track as immersive as possible. I used a very simple drones with a long delay which alternates between the left and right side of the stereo field to create a repetitive yet interesting sound space with very wide reverbs to create a stereo field that encompasses the listener and pulls them into the track. There are binaural tracks at the lower limit of human hearing panned hard left and right which change in pitch gradually as the track develops from an interval which (supposedly) corresponds with theta brain waves to delta which helps relax the listener and promote sleep.


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