The Other Master- Despised



Stem Tracks:

Piano: Kontakt Ragtime Piano

Synth: Glass Armanica by Distropolis


This one was intended to build upon The Other Master- Devoted and explore the more dissonant and melancholic aspects of the track. I used 24TET tuning  which can create more dissonant melodies than is possible in standard 12TET tuning and, unlike on The Other Master- Devoted where I quickly resolved dissonant melodies, I let them hang in air on this track, allowing the listener to really savour the melancholy. The opening  phrase was played in 12TET and is the only part of the piece which was not improvised, the rest of the piece was completed over a couple of days of noodling until I really captured the train of thought I was going for.

I finally settled on using a glass harmonica to add a different texture after a long time playing around with different synths to find something that would complement the track subtly without standing out to much. I copied this track and manipulated it to create the deep rumble which weaves in and out of the track.


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