Stem Tracks:

Rhodes Piano/ Harp/ Vibraphone: Synthesized using DSK Virtuoso                                                                                               Electric Guitar: Recorded DI and manipulated in the box


This was the first track written for the album and along with ‘Tonight, They Plot’, laid the foundation for the rest of the project. It was intended to be a rather simple introduction to the album with little development as the song progresses. Rather, the aim was to introduce the motif which is found in every track on the album in some form and to create and quickly resolve dissonances which are further developed explored in later in the album.

After the initial sound for the piano-esqe synth was made the track essentially wrote itself. The piano track was improvised and completed on the second take and the guitar tracks were recorded immediately after. In total the tracking and the initial sound design were completed in about an hour although the mixing proved to be an ordeal, mostly due to some overly resonant harmonics in the piano track but these were eventually tame after hours of surgical EQing and some multiband compression thrown in for good measure.


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