A Breath


Stem Tracks:
Music box: DSK Music Box
Synth: Green Oak Crystal
Vocoder: TAL Vocoder II

This was originally created for a collage of 30 second snippets by a multitude of artists. At the time I felt that the album needed something to bring break the flow slightly between the long,cold barren soundscape of Ossuary and the melancholic and reflective The Other Master- Despised. When I listen back I am not sure if I made the right decision to include it but its part of the album now for better or worse. It was intended to be a little cheesy and reminiscent of old horror movie music with the music box in the forefront of the track. This is sent through a vocoder which is buried low in the mix along with white noise and a more prominent synth track. Like most of the music on the album it was improvised in a single take after a couple of hours noodling.


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