The Other Master




Released August 2014

On this album I wanted to create music that was tense yet still had an overall sense of serenity. It was written at a time when I was struggling to balance a lot of different commitments and I tried to capture the moment before sleep where feelings of stress and relaxation collide. Using soundscapes and drones it allows the listener to immerse themselves in the track in an almost meditative way and I wanted to build on that using simple melodies to create feelings of tension and uncertainty. I wrote the album in such a way to bring the listener into that mood with the first two tracks and then to develop and explore these emotions further during the rest of the album before finishing with a piece I wrote specifically for the listener to fall asleep to. This album was mostly written late at night and I wanted to create something that would evoke that feeling of sitting back in the dark and just thinking so to that end the vast majority of the music on the album was improvised as a stream of consciousness.

Musically, I wanted to take myself out of my comfort zone and work primarily in styles which I had not previously written or listened to extensively and work with tight restrictions. To accomplish this I composed primarily using a midi keyboard , a instrument which I had not used to any great extent before and severely limited the range which I could play in simultaneously as the keyboard used on this album has only 25 keys. I also limited the number of musical elements in each trackĀ  in order to push myself to fully exploit each one and force the listener to concentrate entirely on the subtleties of each sound in the mix.


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