I created this piece in several stages. The initial iteration of the piece was made from a drum track  and manipulated pink noise. This was then time stretched by a factor of approximately four and I added several synth tracks and audio extracted from a picture of the dungeons at Trim Castle, Co. Meath and fed through a Bass Big Muff.

This was then sped up by a factor of two and more audio from images was added and the audio was further manipulated using several time based processes. This entire project was then exported and slowed down by a factor of 3 and several guitar tracks were added along with samples of a thunder and running water. This was exported and layered with the previous iteration, along samples of bird song and more synth tracks and together this was further manipulated in a process similar to the previous iteration.

This was finally time stretched once more and further audio extracted from images from Trim Castle were added. The track was manipulated in a manner similar to the third and fourth iterations to yield the final track. I aimed to create an immersive, almost meditative piece similar to the aesthetic I used on ‘The Other Master’. It is quite long and dense but it makes for a rewarding listen when given full attention.



-Oubliette at Trim Castle



Drums: Hydrogen using samples from Andy Sneap

Synths: Nitrous PD by Warren Bones,Aerophone by Rurik Leffanta, Oil Drum Marimba by David Howe, Synth1 by Daichi, Aethereal by Psychic Modulation and DSK Virtuoso.