Spitting Broken Teeth and Mistranslations

Released 22/04/2016 on Hypnagogic Records

The direction of this album emerged during the creation of ‘The Other Master’, in particular while I was working on ‘Ossuary’. I was interested in stripping away the melodic elements and exploring timbre and texture while still retaining the immersive atmospheres albeit in a harsh, grating manner. This is occasionally paired with field recordings to provide contrast to the sterile soundscapes and  create a feeling of an open expansive space.

As I was working on this project I  explored the idea of taking non-audio data files and using it as a source of information to generate audio files, thereby ‘mistranslating’ them into material for use on the album. The majority of the mistranslated audio came from pictures, both opening the raw file as an audio file and extracting information such as frequency and colour intensity and using this information to program synthesizers.

Taking this idea to the extreme, on Precession I used files from NMR spectroscopy, a technique used to study the structure of matter on the atomic level. This track was compiled in a way to allow the listener to hear sounds on the subatomic level that could never be heard in a conventional sense.


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